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​Straight Up Chiropractic is built upon our diverse experience in multi-disciplinary clinics and a real desire to offer comprehensive chiropractic services in Tigard, OR.

​Our chiropractic services are based on a comprehensive view of bodily functionality throughout life. We provide chiropractic services for children, the elderly, injured individuals, those recovering from work accidents, and more. Straight Up Chiropractic in Tigard also offers massage therapy. Learn more about the specific chiropractic services we offer.

Our Story in Tigard

We started Straight Up Chiropractic in 2015. As a lifelong local to the Pacific Northwest and the Portland area in general, Dr. Halsy knew this was the area and people he wanted to treat. By using his skills and training and bringing on the best doctors and therapists around, Straight Up Chiropractic has become the place to go when you need to feel your best.

Our practice is a partnership with each client, working to identify the cause of your pain, rather than offering only temporary relief of your symptoms. Pain is a unique experience in each individual. We listen carefully to your concerns and assist you on your path to wellness, whether in rehabilitation from injury, or maximizing your function in daily life.

We enjoy what we do and love to be a part of the journey from pain to relief and comfort. As you progress toward your goal, whether it be to eliminate pain, increase ability, or stay mobile and functional, we want to get you there!

Straight Up Chiropractic works to offer an experience that you would recommend to your friends and family because we treat your problem correctly and in a timely fashion. Wellness is a passion for us and we look forward to building a relationship with you that keeps you healthy and happy

If you or someone you care about has been dealing with a nagging issue, or has a recent injury from a car accident, work injury, sports injury or just stepped of a curb wrong, give us a call at Straight Up Chiropractic. Our passion is to take those that are hurting and provide relief that lasts. We want you to get back to living your best life.

We accept most major health insurance, including auto insurance and workers' compensation.


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Straight Up Chiropractic

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