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At Straight Up Chiropractic, we believe that ideal chiropractic care serves clients based on individual needs and as a basis for returning to everyday life. When you come into our office, we sit down with you first to gather information about the reason for your visit, your general medical history, any previous health-related accidents, and other relevant info.

​The goal of our chiropractic and massage services in Tigard, OR, is to not only resolve the pain you’re facing but set you up for lifelong wellness. Browse below for specific types of chiropractic techniques and massaging styles that we employ.


Our chiro and massage services include chiropractic for the whole family, pediatric chiropractic, geriatric chiropractic, auto accident injury care, personal injury care, worker's compensation injury care, corrective and therapeutic exercises, and therapeutic and spa massages. Our practitioners work to resolve any immediate issues you’re facing as well as any underlying causes that may have contributed to more acute conditions.

Chiropractic Techniques

The specific chiropractic techniques and equipment we use include manual manipulation, diversified technique, the ArthroStim instrument, Vibracusser, and multiple traction therapies. Utilizing a combination of these instruments and approaches allow us to offer holistic treatments for both sudden and chronic injuries.

Massage Techniques

We also offer massage therapy and related treatment. Techniques include Swedish massage, deep tissue, geriatric massage, pregnancy massage, medical (therapeutic) massage, sports massage.

Types of Issues Treated:

We’re able to treat many different kinds of issues through our chiropractic and massage services in Tigard, OR.

Our treatment capacities include Low back pain, Neck pain, Mid back pain, Herniated disc, Bulging disc, Sciatica, Facet Syndrome, Sacroiliac dysfunction, sports injuries, work injuries, auto accident injuries, shoulder/hip/knee problems, TMJ problems, other joint problems, muscle pain, post-surgical pain, fibromyalgia, nerve pain, carpal tunnel, tennis/golfers elbow, headaches, migraines and much more. If there’s a condition or type of pain you’re facing that you don’t see on this list, give us a call, and we’d be happy to see if we can accommodate it. ​


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